Get Travel Advice From People That Actually Know

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Get Your Travel Advice From People That Actually Know

The world is a large and wonderful place with so much to see and do. From enjoy lazing on a tropical beach to trekking up the planet’s highest mountains, there is so much to choose from and something for everybody to enjoy. Falling costs make travel more affordable than it used to be, meaning that more people than ever before are now able to afford at least one holiday a year. We can even choose our holiday by looking through the numerous travel websites giving information on destinations, but how do we know which are the best to choose from?


Tour companies and websites are likely to give some news and reviews on destinations but how reliable are they? They will be making a profit every time somebody makes a booking through them, so how likely are they to tell you that a certain destination receives a lot of complaints? It could also be that there is not necessarily anything wrong with a destination per say, but that it might just not be suitable for your particular needs and preferences. What is needed is somebody that has no reason to be anything other than honest in their assessment, and somebody that understands which destinations might be best for you.

Travellers from All Walks of Life.

To get a fair reflection on a location and how suitable it is, it is best to get reviews from people from all walks of life. If you are a backpacker, for example, then a review from somebody looking for 5-star resorts is probably not best suitable for you. Likewise, if you are looking for a luxury holiday, then the opinions of a backpacker are unlikely to reflect your own thoughts on a particular destination. It is something that is not often taken into account when it comes to reviews for different resorts and destinations, and something that could lead to some people not having the best of holiday experiences.

We are constantly looking for reviews of destination from all over the world, and from people from all walks of life. Whether you are rich or poor, young or old we want to hear from your holiday experience at particular locations, and what your personal preferences are. We strictly recommend wherever you are. That way we hope to be able to deliver reviews to our readers from people with similar interests and preferences, helping them to choose a destination that is just right for them.

Happy to Hear From You.

We will be delighted to hear from you about your travelling or holiday experiences as we look to bring reviews from destinations around the world to our viewers. We will be asking our contributors to place themselves in categories such as ‘backpacker’, ‘thrill-seeker’ or ‘luxury seeker’ to help us to channel your reviews toward those that will find them most useful. With your help, we can help to ensure that more people have a great time when they go on a well –deserved break.


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